The 7th Guest Board Game

Created by Rob Landeros

The 7th Guest Board Game
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The board game faithfully based on the best-selling computer horror classics, The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

A Personalized Miniature Story
4 days ago – Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 12:20:55 AM

Royce Cobblepot, a very special guest.
Royce Cobblepot, a very special guest.

As part of our 7th Guest: The Board Game Kickstarter, we offered – and continue to offer through our online pre-order store – customized miniatures, sculpted to your likeness or to a likeness of your choosing. One of our backers, to our delight, took full advantage of our offer by providing a unique persona that made for a most fun and interesting miniature figure. I asked if he would share some of his background story with us and here is what he provided so generously.


I created “Walrus” Royce Tuxford Cobblepot around 2006 as my “fursona”, or alter-ego within the furry fandom, a community that celebrates anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics).

He was born out of my desire to stand out as a different sort of animal, in addition to my love for all things formal, Victorian, and related to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Most importantly, his existence is credited to my late grandmother, who at an Easter brunch with my mother, was so entertained by someone in a horse costume, remarked, “Wouldn’t that be a good job for [your son]?” As soon as I learned about this, I decided to get the costume made, and have been entertaining ever since.

Royce has performed at different events and establishments, from Renaissance Faires to conventions to even a company cruise at National Harbor in Washington, DC! He has gained quite a positive local reputation, as well as many fans, friends, and loved ones, many of whom have been inspired to start their own creative projects. My biggest reason for wearing this suit and going out in public is to make others smile or laugh, or just give them something fun and unusual to color their day. It fulfills me deeply, just as it hopefully does for everyone else.

Royce has gone through many incarnations since his birth, including a friar (Friar Tusk), hippie, ship’s captain, and punk rocker. The costume itself, however, is a collective labor of love from family, friends, and loved ones, who have helped numerous times with repairs and updates. To this day, he continues to entertain the general public with dancing, silliness, hugs and friendly conversation with people.

Feel free to browse his photo album at, contact him at or check out an exclusive “interview” with him from 2010 here!

Big flipper hugs!

Marc V. is a copy editor/proofreader living in Virginia. He enjoys gaming, editing, puzzles, writing romantic fiction, and dancing where able, whether as a walrus or human!


In other news, printing of the board game is underway! We continue to be hopeful that things continue without further glitches in the process and that we'll be shipping in September. We shall continue to update as things develop.

Big flipper hugs and tusk love bites!

Rob Landeros

Good News, Not-So-Bad News
2 months ago – Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 07:35:24 PM

Notice that the bony hand of time is a little closer to the witching hour than the previous update.
Notice that the bony hand of time is a little closer to the witching hour than the previous update.

Greetings Guys and Ghouls!  

The last update was titled "Breaking Non-News". This update is titled "Good News, Not-So-Bad News".  

First, the good news: After months of inexplicable delay, manufacturing is at long last underway and we have a projected date from the manufacturer.

Now for the not-so-bad news: It will be about ten weeks to manufacture and another two weeks to ship the product to us, so we don't expect to be in receipt of the 7th Guest Board Game until mid July. However, reality being what it is, it would be wise to pad out the time adding two or three more weeks, which would bring us to August. That would actually put us a month or more behind our original projected delivery date, but better a month late than never, I almost never say! ("Business at the speed of light" my arse!)

That's our story and we're sticking to it. At least until our next update.

Someday, I might write about our adventures in board game development and manufacturing. It would read like Kafka.

In other news...

There is a fine interview at eTeknix with Ryan Holtkamp who is leading the charge on The 13th Doll fan game. You'll want to check that out.

You'll also want to support Lawrie Brewster's crowdfunder for his next gothic horror venture, Automata. He did such an outstanding job on his previous movie The Black Gloves, this new tale promises to be even better.

Breaking Non-News!
3 months ago – Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:19:39 PM

The hands of time stopped, but the clock is rewound.
The hands of time stopped, but the clock is rewound.

We have been on the verge of being able to share a progress report on the 7th Guest Board Game for quite a while, but kept coming up short of that ability. For weeks now, it has remained just out of reach. Why? Here is the short story. 

We finished development of the game in late November and have been ready since December to get production underway. But for some reasons that remain inexplicable to us, our prospective manufacturer (who is otherwise probably the best in the business) could not manage to get their end of the process underway. Whatever was going on there, despite our best efforts to get things going, was entirely out of our hands.

So the latest development - which is slightly better than non-news - is that last week we finally managed to break though that first roadblock or bottleneck, or whatever it was, that had been causing the delay. We now have a signed agreement about moving forward. Yet we are still at the very beginning of the manufacturing process and are still unable to project a delivery date, although if things actually go as they should, we should be able to meet our original shipping date of July.

In the meantime, we are working on our next Kickstarter campaign for an 11th Hour expansion pack and two special editions for the original board game.

Here's hoping the next update will be a more substantial progress report.

A Bright Future is In the Cards
6 months ago – Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 05:21:24 PM

New concept update depicting new card size and layout.
New concept update depicting new card size and layout.

I had hoped to be able to write a pre-Christmas update with a solid projection regarding a shipping date for the 7th Guest Board Game and accompanying add-ons, but that update will have to wait just a few days more. Hopefully for a pre-New Year's update. 

The good news is that all development work is finished and materials delivered to Panda, our manufacturer, and we are awaiting word from them regarding their schedule. But all things being equal and barring any major glitches, I am anticipating that we will get everything shipped in the April-May time frame.

We will be using the several weeks between now and then to finish development and manufacture of the add-on items - Stauf action figure, the Stauf Mansion model kit, the Infection board game, and of course, the Stauf and Tad miniatures.

On the creative front, we have made a significant design change to the cards and have increased their size to tarot card dimensions (see illustration above). We've taken a new approach to the Puzzler cards with the questions on the front side and the corresponding hints and answers encrypted on the back side.

We also decided to increase the size of the miniatures from 42mm to an average height of about 48mm. We've had prototypes 3D-printed and they are just the right size and look pretty cool. Kudos to our mad Transylvanian sculptor Silvaticus and to our own in-house modeler and man about town, William Hennes!

Also, a big holiday shout out to our invaluable puzzler editor Kristy McGowan and the entire puzzle making team of Ben, Brad, Brandon, Chris, Todd and Zsuzsa.

That's about it for now, kiddos. Until next time, have a great Christmas holiday.

P.S. Just between you, me and the ghosts, we've also been busy developing and game testing an 11th Hour expansion kit for the board game. Feedback has been very positive. Much more to come on that in the upcoming months.

11th of November Sale
8 months ago – Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 03:46:57 PM

Don't wait till the 11th Hour.
Don't wait till the 11th Hour.

We looked at the calendar and noticed that the date is 11.11.17 (or 11.11.17 in Europe) and thought it to be a good excuse to run a special 11th Hour-themed promotional sale on our pre-order store. So this might be a good time to order that item or items that you've always wanted in life but never got around to getting.

Simply visit our pre-order store, add your item(s) of choice, and on checkout apply the code below to get $11 off your pre-order. Or go to this link to have the discount applied automatically.

Code: 11TH-HOUR

The sale will run for the next 11 days, naturally. 

Or unnaturally, as the case may be.