The 7th Guest Board Game

Created by Rob Landeros

The 7th Guest Board Game
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The board game faithfully based on the best-selling computer horror classics, The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour.

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$61,933.66 / 713 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: July 2018
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Basic 7th Guest Board Game
The basic 7th Guest board game including all components and campaign stretch goals met in the ori... more »
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The 7th Guest: Infection, Special Edition
Based originally on the infamous and diabolically challenging microbe puzzle from The 7th Guest, ... more »
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Model of Henry Stauf
1:12 scale resin model of the infamous Henry Stauf.
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The Stauf Mansion Model Kit
Unpainted 7" high resin model kit of the infamous Stauf Mansion. Some assembly required.
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The Sphinx Spirit Board
Based on the 7th Guest Sphinx spirit board, hand-crafted 18" x 13.5" on real wood with Eye of Pro... more »
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Personalized miniature figurine
A very special, unique, custom made Trilobyte-approved miniature figurine created in your persona... more »
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Stauf and Tad Miniatures
Additional miniatures of Henry Stauf and Tad to add to the existing seven miniatures that are inc... more »
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We got it in our heads that making a board game from The 7th Guest was a no-brainer. We knew that if we stayed true to the scheme and spirit of the original, the game would practically design itself. And it pretty much did.

Those who enjoyed Stauf's mind-bending logic puzzles, riddles and word games of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour will enjoy testing their wits and knowledge-base - mostly of all things horror and the supernatural - to make their way from room to room of Stauf's expansive, haunted mansion, all the way to the mysterious "Little Room at the Top" where they can outwit Stauf and their fellow guests and escape to victory... with their most cherished desires filled.

This tabletop game is very easy to learn and to play, and is fun for even the most casual gamer who never played the original computer games. It is designed to live up to the age-old promise of being “fun for the whole family”.

Old Man Stauf built a house and filled it with his toys. Six guests were invited one night, their screams the only noise. - Children’s Nursery Rhyme

“Welcome to my house. The arrangement is simple. You are to spend the night as my guest. And - in exchange - I will give you your heart's most secret desire. But I require one thing of you - a special service, a task that I've set up for you. In the morning, only one of my guests will walk out of this house with his, or her, every wish granted.” - Henry Stauf


In the world of The 7th Guest: The Board Game, you re-enter the mysterious and magical Stauf mansion, filled with diabolical puzzles, riddles and other mind games to test your wits and knowledge against your friends and family. But as with all haunted houses, know that you enter at your own risk. The goal is to emerge with your sanity - and your soul – intact.

The board game remains true to the original award winning computer game, although now you play the role of one of the six guests in direct competition with the other guests. Starting from the Foyer, you are randomly assigned destination rooms to which you must go, by roll of the Magic Die, and there, solve the mysteries and challenges within. Be the first to finish your tour of the mansion, arrive at the final destination, the Little Room at the Top, solve the final puzzle there, and you best your fellow guests and achieve your heart's most secret desire. Which, for one thing, is to best your fellow guests.

The puzzle types range from logic puzzles, to spatial problems, to riddles and cryptic clues to trivia. You never know what you'll get. Some may be easy, but some may be real brain freezers. But Stauf, being a fair-minded host, has provided up to four possible answers from which to choose.

(Note that whereas The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour had a little less than 90 logic puzzles & brain teasers between them, the basic tabletop game comes with 300, and that's just for starters.)

And if you can't solve the puzzle put to you, the other guests will have a chance to “steal” it from you by answering it instead. So be vigilant and pay attention to not only your own puzzles, but to the puzzles put to your fellow guests. You might just walk away with the prize that was once within their grasp. How delicious is that?

It all sounds pretty simple and straightforward, doesn't it? Well, not quite so fast. Simple, maybe. But straightforward? That's not exactly the way of the diabolical game maker, who here, has devised a number of Mystery Spells that are cast upon his guests, making things just a little trickier... and lot more interesting. Should you land on a Mystery space, you might be sent someplace you don't want to be. Or, you might be assigned extra rooms to unlock. Or, somebody might gain the power to “Steal” the answer to your puzzle from right under your nose. Again, you never know what you're going to get. But Stauf is,if nothing else, an equal opportunity evil doer... so all those bad things that can be inflicted on you can be inflicted on your opponents too. And take heart... for every evil spell, there is a good one too. Stauf isn't totally evil. Right?

Well, there's one way to find out. Help fund this game so you can play it.

(For a complete set of rules, click here.)

These are the components used to play the game.

Destination Cards (108) - These cards randomly determine which rooms you must go to in order to solve the puzzles there. Use all eighteen cards to take the Grand Tour. Or use ten cards to take the Dime Tour, or use only five cards to take the Nickel Tour. Depending on which tour you choose to take, the time to play a game will typically range from 1 - 5 hours.

Destination Cards
Destination Cards

Puzzler Cards (300) - When you arrive at your Destination Room, you must draw a Puzzler card and answer the question correctly in order to move on. These Puzzlers range from logic puzzles, to riddles, cryptic clues, spacial problems, rebuses and trivia. Some of the more difficult ones will come with up to three Hints. But using Hints comes at a cost. And beware... If you can't come up with the correct answer, your opponents will have an opportunity to Steal it from you.

Note that the first 300 cards is the basic set. If successful, and stretch goal #2 is met, there will be expansion packs consisting of 300 additional Puzzlers.

Puzzler Cards
Puzzler Cards

 Mystery Spell Cards (36) - What would a haunted house be without haunted cold spots? When you land on a Mystery Spell space, you must draw a card from the Mystery Spell card deck and follow the directions. Some are good for you, others bad. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

Mystery Spell Cards
Mystery Spell Cards

Magic Die (1) - A six-sided die, numbered 0, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. Why is it magic? Beats the hell out of me.

Magic Die
Magic Die

 Magic Decoder Window (1) – They say you can't tell the players without a program, and you can't know the answers to the Puzzlers without the Magic Decoder Window.

Magic Decoder Window
Magic Decoder Window

 Character Miniatures (7)

Note: Some figures are "ghosted" because they remain unfinished and are in need of funding to make them "materialize"
Note: Some figures are "ghosted" because they remain unfinished and are in need of funding to make them "materialize"
  • Brian Dutton - The greedy, shallow, ne'er-do-well cad. He's in it for the money. His sneering arrogance may serve him well... but probably not.
  • Julia Heine - She might seem like a harmless elderly lady, but she might be the most ruthless and heartless one of them all. She is capable of doing anything to realize her dream of eternal youth.
  • Edward Knox - A seemingly ordinary man. But his harmless veneer disguises his wily nature and large ambitions.
  • Elinore Knox - As with her husband, she appears to be an ordinary middle class housewife. But she desperately longs for status in high society.
  • Hamilton Temple - The magician. He's not in it for the money or the the vanity. He seeks the magical secrets of Stauf and the personal power therein.
  • Martine Burden - The beautiful, seductive actress. She will not hesitate to use her sexual charms to get what she wants... glamour and fame.
  • Lady in White - Although not exactly a guest, this mysterious character has a very special and unique role to play in the game.

  "Just when you thought your CD-ROM was safe from Stauf's scary, floating melon ..."  - Asylum

"Many gamers won't remember The 7th Guest, either because they didn't have the groundbreaking technology of a CD-ROM drive in 1993, or they hadn't been born yet. We remember The 7th Guest being an incredibly creepy game that snared our young imaginations and helped shape our minds as gamers." - Slide To Play

"If you haven’t played either The 7th Guest or The 11th Hour, then this is the perfect opportunity to pick up these amazing games in your iPhone. The amount of thought that is required to complete the puzzles in either game makes today’s modern games look like a cake walk." - IntoMobile

"My father purchased The 7th Guest for me as a child and it terrified me to the point of having him return it. With my increase and courage and the scary images being smaller, I think I can handle it now." - Geek Tyrant

“The new standard in electronic entertainment.” - Bill Gates

The 7th Guest, produced by the original Trilobyte (Rob Landeros and Graeme Devine) and released by Virgin Games in 1993, was a groundbreaking, game-changing success, selling over 2 million copies and garnering multiple industry awards. The release of the sequel, The 11th Hour, was delayed by internal disputes at Trilobyte but the game eventually appeared on the market in 1995. Plans for the third installment in T7G series never materialized, and the company folded not long afterward.

Last Fall, Matthew Costello, the author and co-designer of The 7th Guest, suggested that the time might be right for a board game based on the original computer game. We agreed. We hope you do too.

All pledge levels prizes include all lower-level rewards. Additional rewards include a Special Edition available only to Kickstarter backers consisting of special packaging designating it as such, a limited run of 200, additional character figurine playing pieces, Henry Stauf and Tad, and the box and board signed by designer Rob Landeros, and for Permanent Residents, an insert with their names inscribed as special donors. An extra special reward at the Master of the House level, is an action figure size model of Henry Stauf himself.

All reward pledge amounts include shipping costs within the U.S. and territories. Items shipped outside the U.S. will require a $15 shipping fee.








  • Stretch Goal #1:  $64,603. Double the number of illustrated cards and insure highest quality art.
  • Stretch Goal #2: $71,492. First expansion pack of 300 additional Puzzlers.
  • Stretch Goal #3: $73,255. The Virtual Stauf Master of Ceremonies app.
  • Stretch Goal #4:  $75,021. Metal miniatures. Two additional miniatures of Henry Stauf & Tad.
  • Stretch Goal #5:  $81,538. Expansion pack of Puzzlers for youngsters.


The Virtual Stauf Master of Ceremonies
The Virtual Stauf Master of Ceremonies


Stauf & Tad Miniatures
Stauf & Tad Miniatures


The bulk of the work has already been done on spec by Trilobyte Games. The goal is the absolute minimum to provide a quality product with most of the remaining work to be done in-house at low, low rates because it is a work of love. Our first stretch goal is aimed at not only making life easier for us at Trilobyte, but finding the best talent to produce the highest quality product.

Just the cost to manufacture a minimum order of 1,500 units is $30,000. That's $20/unit. Note that the SRP would be about $100, but we are not in this to make large profits. We wish to offer the game to our backers at a drastic discount and to the general public at the lowest reasonable price.

The allocation of minimum budget for remaining work is as follows:

  • Art - $4,600
  • Puzzlers - $5,000
  • Graphic Layout and Preparation - $795
  • Management, QA, Editing - $6,000
  • Manufacturing (1,500 units, minimum) - $30,000
  • Shipping & Handling (1,00 units) - $5,000
  • Miscellaneous – $1,000
  • Kickstarter Fees - $5,756


Rob Landeros, Lead Designer - Rob co-founded Trilobyte, the maker of the wildly successful and classic CD-ROM products, The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. Prior to that, he was company Art Director for Virgin Interactive Entertainment. While there he directed numerous titles such as Spirit of Excalibur and War in Middle Earth. He co-created the popular gameshow of the future, Lexi-Cross, published by Interplay.

Rob first entered the entertainment software industry in 1987 as Art Director for Cinemaware. There, he directed such best-selling titles as Rocket Ranger and King of Chicago.

Prior to moving into entertainment software, Rob delved into a variety of art forms. In the sixties he reveled in the counter-culture movement, drawing outrageous underground comics to support himself. Later he spent several years perfecting the art of wildlife engravings in fossil ivories. Eventually, he purchased a Commodore Amiga, created his first digital graphics, and never looked back.

Following his time at Trilobyte, Rob founded Aftermath Media where he designed and produced two award winning and critically acclaimed interactive motion pictures, Tender Loving Care and Point of View.

Between 2001 and and 2010, Rob focused on graphic design especially as applied to print and web development through his graphic design studio Landeros Design.

In the Fall of 2010, Rob resurrected Trilobyte Games as a company dedicated to reintroducing The 7th Guest franchise to old and new audiences on current platforms.

William Hennes, Product Manager -  William is a seasoned interactive 2D, 3D Artist/animator and level designer, with highly developed conceptual visualization skills, and varied platform, and web environment experience. His love is working in the ever changing interactive media landscape, and his interpersonal skills allow him to thrive in collaborative team environments.

His specialties include: Animation, Character Design, Sculpture, Concept Art, Visual Design, Conceptual Models.

James Bateman, 3D Room Artist -  Lead 3D artist and programmer for The 13th Doll fan game.

Romeo (Silvaticus) Salbatecu - ZBrush sculptor, digital modeler, self taught, experienced with miniatures having worked as a freelancer for numerous smaller and bigger companies: Outlaw Miniatures/Wild West Exodus, 6th Extinction Games/Lands of Ruin, Thirdman Studio, Der Sockelshop /M.A.I.M., Fantasy Flight Games and others.